Start Max Ruddock Reserve, corner of Romulus Street and Junction Drive, Winston Hills
Distance 6-8 km run, or 4 km walk
Description Just a wee run, whit's fur ye'll no go past ye! Runners start by heading south on Romulus Street, and follow a course that follows streets such as Lomond Cres and Aberdeen Road. After returning to the start, energetic runners have the option of adding a loop through Gooden Reserve to add another couple of kms. In the meantime, the walkers follow a route that encompasses the last 3km of the 6km run. Hence the runners will meet up with the walkers along the way, where we can make friendly comments and share pleasantries as we pass.


Scottish Run Map
Scottish Walk Map

About the Hoofers

Hills Happy Hoofers Running Group is a recreational running group in the Hills District of Sydney that started over 30 years ago. We run every Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. Runners of all levels are welcome to come along. We also have a group of people who take a walk and a chat at the same time.

Join Us

Contact the Hoofers via email. Or just come along to our next run. If you decide you want to run on a regular basis, you may want to join our Facebook group.