2018 Point Scores
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How does this work?

Each runner attending a handicap race is awarded points as follows:

  • One attendance point for completing the run.
  • One point per 5 seconds (or part thereof) a runner is under their current handicap time, with a maximum of 15 points. This can be expressed as MAX(15, ((H-A) + 4) // 5) where H - A is the number of seconds the runner beat their handicap time by.
  • Five points for winning "guess your time" (i.e. the person whose guess was closest to their actual time)

The maximum number of points possible from a single race is 1 attendance point + 15 points for beating your handicap by 71 seconds or more + 5 for "guess your time" = 21 points.

At the end of the series, your best five scores are added to derive a final score. To qualify for the prestigious sock trophy, you must have run in at least five races throughout the year.

About the Hoofers

Hills Happy Hoofers Running Group is a recreational running group in the Hills District of Sydney that started over 30 years ago. We run every Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. Runners of all levels are welcome to come along. We also have a group of people who take a walk and a chat at the same time.

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Contact the Hoofers via email. Or just come along to our next run. If you decide you want to run on a regular basis, you may want to join our Facebook group.